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    Talencea Corporation is a privately held "C" Corporation. Our management team has business and subject matter expertise, strong research including patents/inventions, and product commercialization expertise with an entrepreneurial backbone. We have consultants with deep expertise in HR, recruiting, and organizational cultural fit.

    Ashish Kumar, CEO and Founder

    brings 25 years of industry experience including 17 years of sales (consulting,infrastructure, software), progressing to $400M revenue responsibility in a Global Sales Executive role at IBM. Mr. Kumar also had P&L responsibility as a Principal for three industries and headed the Mergers and Acquisitions Practice for the Americas. Earlier in his career, he worked for start-up companies in a variety of roles: developer, architect, and project manager. He holds a B.S. and M.S. from Carnegie Mellon University.

    Dr. Jaime Carbonell, Founder

    brings groundbreaking machine learning and language technologies research expertise. Jaime invented multiple well-known methods in language technologies and machine learning, such as knowledge-based machine translation and proactive machine learning. Dr. Carbonell is Carnegie Mellon University's Chaired Allen Newell Professor of Computer Science and Director of Carnegie Mellon's Language Technologies Institute (LTI). His previous business ventures include the successful creation, IPO and sale of the Carnegie Group, Inc., a software-consulting corporation. Dr. Carbonell served as an advisor to Lycos (IPO 1996), mSpoke (acquired by LinkedIn in 2010) and Vivisimo (acquired by IBM 2012). He currently serves on advisory boards Meaningful Machines, 3Ksoft USA. Dr. Carbonell holds Ph.D. and MS degrees in Computer Science from Yale University as well as BS degrees in Physics and Mathematics from MIT.
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